We supply and fit Office Glass Partitions

– a cost effective way to separate work areas yet still allow light and interaction throughout your entire office space

For companies looking for modern-looking office space and improved office dynamics, glass walls and doors are perfect for creating individual offices and private meeting rooms without closing up your space.

We offer supply and installation of glass partitions, glazed doors, modular walls and architectural glazing solutions, such as frameless glass, acoustic and fire rated office partition solutions.

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We work with a number of systems suppliers and partition glass fabricators which offer minimal profile single glazed partition systems, which maximise visible glass and keeps the framework to a bare minimum. These full height frameless office partition systems gives your office a spacious feel, minimise visible obstruction while allowing the maximum amount of light through.

Understanding how your organisation operates is key to delivering a successful glass partition layout that works for you. At Aleron, we always employ a consultative approach and will suggest you different office partition types and layouts to create a cost effective and elegant office design. We offer professional Site Measure Service and Free No Obligation quotations.

We supply and install all types and styles of Office Partitions, including:

  • Frameless Glass Partitions
  • Single Glazed Partitions
  • Acoustic Single Glazed Partitions
  • Double Glazed Partitions
  • Fire Rated Partitions
  • Smart Glass Partitions
  • Integral Blind Glass Partitions
  • Curved Glass Partitions
  • Movable walls and sliding folding partitions

Modern working practices bring requirement for more technically advanced solutions to provide acoustic and fire separation. For example, most of our customers require increased acoustic performance for offices used by their Finance and HR functions. For these customers we recommend using Double Glazed Office Partitions, which allows achieving stunning office look but with the same sound insulation properties of a solid partition wall. Double glazed partitioning systems offer enhanced performance over single glazing partitions, whilst keeping framing to a minimum.

For companies requiring enhanced fire separation, we supply Fire-Rated Partitioning, Fire-Rated Doors and Performance Glazed Fire Screens, complying with 30 minutes to 120 minutes fire break specifications.

In installations, fitting glass partitions to your offices would require making some alterations to existing services, such as electrics, telephone lines, wired data, ventilation and heating. Aleron is uniquely positioned to offer these additional services to you in a cost effective way by using our own in-house electricians, plumbers and technical specialists to design and implement the necessary alterations to you existing installations.

Our Services:

  • Professional Site Measure
  • FREE No Obligation Quotations
  • Delivery & Installation of glass partitions
  • Adaptations to electrics, ventilation and heating
  • Associated refurbishment works


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