Smart Office Part 2


In today’s world we are plugged into smart technology more then we realise, from the obvious smart phones to light reaction sunglasses! But is this technology really helping to boost productivity in the workplace and those all-important bottom line profits?

In last week’s article we looked at how smart offices are adapting with the use of sensors to help monitor our offices tools, resources, employee’s and more.

But how is this actually turned into financial benefit for us?

Essentially, smart office gadgets can provide savings in the form of Time, Money and Energy.

  • Time – time wasted by staff off task, resolving problems that can be eliminated (such as tracking down a missed parcel delivery when you popped out to lunch).
  • Money – monitoring the office and heating/cooling/lighting empty buildings.
  • Energy – Both in terms of human effort and fuels.

Sensors on office desks, have allowed employers like The Edge in Amsterdam, to reduce the amount of desk furniture they have and the size of the building needed to accommodate it’s 2500+ strong workforce. In fact, by enabling its staff to track free desks via apps on their phones, it boosts just 900 desks are needed. Approximately two thirds saving on the cost of a regular office. That means a saving on building rent, energy to power the office, cleaning bills, maintenance bills and more.

Personal climate control environments are empowering employees to create their own ideal working conditions. Naturally men prefer cooler environments to women and the power too regulate their own environment makes for a more content and happy employee, meaning opportunity for productivity to be cultivated.

Even on a smaller scale with over the counter products, smart gadgets and gizmo’s can help save money, add extra security, provide more control regardless if you are in the office or away on business.

Here are some examples of how smart office technology can be helping you in your business.

Never miss a visitor/delivery.
Using an app on your phone, talk directly to your office visitor, from anywhere, at anytime.

Lost keys or problem ex-employee’s
At a touch of a button from an app on your smart phone, re-code your office locks. No keys required, security can be updated in a nano-second.

Plant and Fishtank sensors
These nifty gadgets remind you when plants need watering or water changing. Keep the ambient harmony of your office/waiting rooms perfect. They can even water your plants if you are away or the office is closed over festive holidays.

Remote climate control
Warm the office/workbay just before you arrive on cold winter days, or prevent unwanted heating/cooling of the office when it’s empty. All from the touch of an app on your phone!

Lighting sensors
Control natural light usage with blinds that adjust with the sun’s position and internal artificial light using sensors on dimmer switches to adjust lighting depending on the day, season or weather. Help avoid glare and unwanted energy useage. Connect to your digital locks (as mentioned above) so the lights go on as you unlock and open the door! You can even get light sensors that connect to your iOS phone and are voice controlled by Siri – all from your smartphone!

Security Cameras
Although these have been in use for many years now, you can get versions that connect to your smart phone so you can view who is entering your office, or indeed your storage room, server room from your phones app, anywhere and at anytime.