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In order for a business to grow, office refurbishment is essential and necessary not only to motivate the employees but to maintain the corporate culture. The office is where board meetings are carried out, where new inventions in form of presentations are made and where crucial decisions pertaining to the running of the company are also made. As the office owner, you probably moved into the offices when they were new. Over time and as a result of frequent usage, normal wear and tear, the colours have faded, the furniture’s fabric is torn in some places, the floor is need of repairs and organisation is needed to add space for new employees. When you make the decision to have your offices renovated, not only will you be upgrading every single piece of furniture, art, colours, panels, doors and even flooring but you will get to improve on security, internet access, better lighting and air conditioning.

When you make a decision to refurbish your office, you can start researching on the design and build. What is it you want? New furniture for the offices, the board room and reception area, new blinds for the windows, new air conditioning system, new security system that monitors and prevents unauthorised access to the building. What you need to know is that all you desire boils down to how much you are willing to spend and who your office fit out contractor is. You don’t have to worry if you have a tight budget, professionals at Aleron Contractors in London and Milton Keynes will work with what you have to provide you a stunning office environment.

As the office owner, your work is cut out for as you don’t have to worry about procurement of furniture, installation of telecoms, security, lighting and air conditioning. Your work will be simple – coming up with a budget together with your accounting team and in-house renovation team, selecting the right office refurbishment contractor which is Aleron Contractors and finally, attending all meetings and inspecting the work before opening the newly refurbished offices.

Before you start the office refurbishment project, it is wise to hire the right contractor. The right contractor ensures the project is completed within the scheduled timetable, all issues are resolved to prevent delays and your ideas are incorporated with the formulated budget. So, who is the best contractor for refurbishing your Cambridge or London office? If your office is currently located in Milton Keynes, then there is no doubt that the best choice is Aleron Contractors.

Here is why.

Highly experienced

The first thing you need to know is that professionalism is not all about dressing in an expensive suit or having an advanced degree only but it is about high standards of ethics, high quality in work and appropriate relationships with customers and colleagues. Experience on the other hand cannot be bought. It can only be cultivated which means an employee needs to tackle different tasks related to their profession. As time goes by, the person gets to hone their skills finally attaining experience. The combination of experience and knowledge is a valuable asset in any company. Without one, your concepts cannot be strengthened.

Aleron Contractors prides itself in having extensive experience with a broad range of services which include office refurbishment and office fit out. As the best contractors in Milton Keynes and London, they have completed office fit outs, commercial refurbishments, design and build for a wide range of clients – from education to the health sector. This has ensured Aleron Contractors is selected as the trusted office refurbishment partner for different commercial enterprises.

Thanks to their extensive experience, the contractor has built long term relationships with clients by delivering results consistently on each completed job. During the project, Aleron Contractors have addressed different challenges by combining efficiencies, quality and craftsmanship.

Understands the needs of clientsoffice refurbishment milton keynes

Today, the corporate culture keeps changing quickly which is why office establishments need to keep up with changes. Did you know that your office design and build can make or break your organisation? It can actually ruin employee efficiency, productivity and team work too. When you select Aleron Contractors, your new offices will be more mobile and team centred which is beneficial for your organisation. They will not only make upgrades to improve office functionality but they will make it appealing and comfortable too.

Aleron Contractors employs the latest office design and build methods which means you as the customer will get to benefit from the company’s innovative approach to problem solving. To ensure the project is completed within the set duration, Aleron incorporates the use of specialist equipment, technical solutions and experienced professionals.

For starters, the MD at Aleron Contractors is a degree qualified engineer which means technology, project management and efficient solutions are close at heart. Working with the contractors ensures that they are able to understand your needs finally creating inspirational offices with state of the art décor.

Experienced experts with multidisciplinary knowledge

For a business to be successful, it must look ahead and not behind. Office refurbishment is one concept that allows a business to look ahead. When a company commissions for office renovation, not only is the design layout upgraded but so is the space, furniture and electronic equipment too. Every business needs to be innovative in order to compete even when it comes to office refurbishment, creativity and organisation.

To ensure that your office renovation costs are reduced, the employees at Aleron Contractors perform the tasks by themselves. This means the number of sub contractors will be lower which helps to simplify project management. Furthermore, the quality of work will not be compromised. To ensure that the company is able to achieve this, it has built on the foundation of hiring experienced experts with multi disciplinary knowledge.

The employees undergo extensive training which helps them keep up with modern engineering, designs and technologies. What does this mean for customers? The employees are able to approach office renovation projects with confidence since they are able to perform the grounds audit, electrical installation and office fit out.

Strong project management qualifications

When it comes to project management, the fundamentals of managing an office refurbishment project from beginning to end requires a team of individuals commercial fit out specialistskilled with different talents. The people responsible need to plan and execute the project phases and tasks finally achieving the different milestones and objectives. Every project must follow the project life cycle which includes steps that act as a guide allowing project managers to guide their team to success.

When you choose Aleron Contractors, your office refurbishment project is assigned a dedicated project manager who has an MBA and is highly qualified. The project manager acts as a single point of contact between you, your in-house office renovation team, the suppliers and Aleron employees. The project manager ensures that everything runs smoothly plus office owners are provided with regular up-to-date reports.

Accredited by recognised institutions

Accreditation is designed to protect the interest of customer who include commercial office owners among others. The program helps to ensure that contractors have undergone the recommended training allowing employees to gain skills and knowledge pertaining to proper conduct in the field. It also helps to ensure that customers receive high quality services too. Aleron Contractors have been accredited by NICEIC, Constructionline and CHAS.

CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is a visible and credible leader when it comes to Health and Safety Management. The organisation offers a cost effective, easy to use compliance services, provides reassuring, accurate and efficient support to all too. The body also sets industry benchmarks by placing professionals who are safety certified at the top than those who are not. The organisation helps to improve businesses, drive industry standards and even make the world safer.

Constructionline is UK’s most connected and progressive provider especially when it comes to procurement and supply chain management services. This helps to make contracting to be simpler by helping customers achieve more. The organisation helps to build value from start to finish especially in the supply chain and procurement cycle. They achieve this by making it easy for clients to optimise performance, minimise risk and realise more opportunities. To ensure the above are upheld. Constructionline collects, verifies and monitors standard company information through a questionnaire. This is a local government initiative.

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting is UK’s leading voluntary body for the electrical contracting industry. The organisation has for the last 60 years been assessing the electrical competence of electricians. They also provide certifications for firms that deal with heating, plumbing, renewable and insulation sectors. The organisation provides a wide range of products and services tailored to help customers meet the changing nature of the industry. This encompasses training, technical advice, certification and information. They have developed a reputation for promoting safety, integrity and technical excellent.

Are you planning to refurbish your company office anytime soon? Hire Aleron Contractors today for high quality and premium satisfaction!