What is an Eco Office?

green office

With our demand on the planets resources, it’s more and more vital that we work, operate and function in increasingly environmentally friendly ways.

The rewards for doing so in business can be seriously advantageous to both the environment and the business’s own operating practices at helping to reduce money, aid staff performance as well as having less demands on our planets energy resources.

Building Infrastructure

When thinking about moving offices, having an office refurbishment or even having your own premises built, there are many infrastructural components you can give eco-friendly thought to, such aeco-office refurbishments…

  • Environmentally friendly sourced materials used in it’s fabrication
  • Design and build techniques that adopt more eco-friendly practises such as utilising natural light in the core design of the building
  • Water and energy conservation and utilisation methods
  • Fully insulated ceilings, walls, doors and flooring.
  • Double/triple glazed windows with smart energy saving glass.
  • Lighting and heating sensors/timers that turn on when rooms are occupied.
  • Varied use of solar panels for energy creation
  • Lead-free and non-toxic paints and preservatives

Internal Fixtures and Fittings

What you do to the framework/outside of your building is only part of the story, how you (re)furnish your office is also a big player in being eco-friendly or having a green office.

  • Toilets/Bathrooms with reduced water usage such as taps with aerators in use
  • Kitchen equipment that requires less energies to operate
  • Utilise natural lighting and energy saving bulbs
  • Motion sensors to eliminate heating/lighting areas not in use

Internal Office Policies & Practises
eco office recycling

The mindset of your own workforce at being more energy aware and eco-office friendly can be part of the common policies and practises that you adopt for a green office, such as…

  • Recycle, re-use and re-think how you operate daily
  • Car-pool initiatives or cycle to work provisions
  • Recycled office stationary, reduce print policy/double-sided print practices
  • Power-down instead of screen-savers to save energy
  • Non-toxic cleaning products and chemicals
  • Monitor air-conditioning usage in summer
  • Buy-in-bulk eco-friendly supplies

Discover More

Every new office build, office refurbishment or move comes with it’s own set of problems, requirements and constraints. It’s our job to help your eco-friendly office plans fit within your budget and vision, so that a synergy of savings both present and future can be gained in terms of money, time, energy and increased productivity.

Simply contact us today to discuss your vision and to see how we can help put you achieve the green eco-office environment your business deserves.