Millennials are very quickly forming the biggest percentage of the employed pool. It has been estimated that by 2020, millennials will make up over 50 percent of the employees in the UK. You may need to have an office that caters to their life-style and desires if you prefer your business to generate the top millennial talent in the UK. By creating a more millennial responsive atmosphere, your firm will not only be ready for the future but it will at the same time assist to attract some of the youngest and most influential heads in your business sector. Here are the top design tips when establishing a workspace that millennials will enjoy.

modern office designDesign Collaborative Open Spaces.

The idea of working in a cubical is long gone and is frequently very unwelcome to millennials. Developing an open work area not only makes your office more inviting, but it in addition helps to improve efficiency. When your atmosphere stimulates cooperation, it at the same time enables your team members to work together as a team, which can allow your organisation to grow in the long run.

Use Ergonomic Furniture that Provides a Healthy Life-style.

Ergonomic office furniture not only makes a comfortable atmosphere but research has found that it can in addition reduce employee sick days due to conditions like back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Millennials, like everyone, really want to be more comfortable at work and have their work environment assist a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Take into consideration going for desks that can be adjusted to standing height and offer chairs that are suitable for all shapes and body types.

Embrace Natural Design Elements.

When it comes to attracting millennials, having a well-designed office space that is innovative, open, light and airy is key. One of the trendiest trends when it comes to office design is using natural elements such as wood panelling, exposed brick and decorating with plants. By integrating natural design elements, your office space will not only seem innovative but at the same time relaxing.

modern office design trendUse Natural and Accent Illumination.

The use of fluorescent lighting in office space spaces is long gone and is especially not attractive for millennials. Fluorescent lighting has even been linked to migraines, headaches, eye anxiety, stress and strain. Go with natural lighting instead by having big open windows and skylights. Take into consideration accent illumination using soft yellow to soft white hues if natural illumination is not possible.

Offer a Recreation Room or Staff Area.

Whilst not all office spaces are large enough to accommodate a recreational area, having a welcoming staff space where team members can relax on their breaks is a fantastic concept. Think about including staples like a coffee machine and fridge, and then adding some bonuses like bean bags, a compact basketball hoop, massage chair, a juicer or even workout equipment. Small touches like these can easily go a long way to developing your workspace inviting and fun.

office interiorReduce Distractions.

Even though the average millennial prefers having an open work area, providing a quiet, disturbance free work ecosystem is at the same time important. Think about establishing private work spaces using separating partitions where team members can come to really focus and concentrate. By creating versatile spaces within your work environment, it allows to cater to all the requirements of your staff, which enables them to get even more work carried out in much less time. By taking into consideration these 6 millennial favorable design concepts, your place of work will be properly and truly all ready for the next generation.

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