The thought of an office refurbishment certainly is an exciting idea. Chances are you can already picture how amazing the space will look like once the job is complete. Perhaps you can even envision the new layout down to the most detailed aspects such as the wall colors, flooring materials, and furniture. That being said, proper planning in the early stages will significantly increase the likelihood that everything goes well throughout the entire process. The combination of a practical plan and working with a building contractor that is an office fit out specialist, like Aleron Contractors, will make all the difference in the world. That is if you follow the three (3) steps of planning a smooth and successful office refurbishment as listed below.

Step One: Plan Your Goals

In order to accomplish particular goals that are related to the project you need to first determine the following information:office design Milton Keynes
A. The Project Purpose
The very first piece of the puzzle is to determine the exact purpose of the office refurbishment. There is a significant difference between changing the layout and function of the space verses upgrading the finishes. Once this goal is determined a realistic budget can be set in place.
B. The Project Budget
The next phase is to determine a realistic project budget that is based upon your available working capital. The budget will then determine exactly what can be accomplished during the entire office refurbishment process. It is extremely important to calculate a solid figure prior to any further planning. Typically speaking construction projects tend to run a bit over budget. Always add a 10-20-percent overage contingency to the project budget.
C. The Project Schedule
Once the project budget is calculated the next phase is to determine the project schedule. In essence it is based on how long the office refurbishment will take to complete from start to finish. There are a few important factors that determine this. First and foremost consult with your contractor in order to obtain a realistic time frame. It is important to inform the contractor if you plan to occupy the office space during the contraction phase, as it will certainly delay the process.

Step Two: Plan Your Team

One of the most critical aspects of a successful office refurbishment is having the right team in place from the start. It builds a strong group that will work more effectively together. Each and every member of the team should develop a sense of pride towards your project. The first phase of this is to hire a general contractor, like Aleron Contractors, that has a great reputation in the industry and is more than qualified to complete the job on budget and on schedule. Your general contractor of choice should be able to line up the architect and interior designer as well.
This will provide you with a cohesive team of professionals that have already completed a plethora of commercial projects together. When the architect, general contractor, and interior designer are on the same page the project tends to go a lot smoother. A great deal of project owners make the mistake of hiring the general contractor after the construction documents are complete even thought the contractors role should start at the beginning of the concept stage. By involving the general contractor early it will absolutely maximize the efficiency of the entire process.

Step Three: Conduct Enough Research

In order to reduce or even eliminate the issues that often occur during the office refurbishment stage your team of experts should conduct a bit of research regarding the building itself. While it is true that this research will take additional time and cost additional money it is significantly less expensive than paying for major problems that are uncovered during the construction process. The research will also allow you to budget correctly if any major issues with the building are discovered early enough.
Start by hiring a building inspection company that has the ability to determine the exact condition of the property, and its ability to support the office refurbishment. The building inspection should cover both the age and operating condition of the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems, along with the quality of the existing utilities. It should also help to determine other unforeseen building conditions such as the presence of asbestos, lead, and mold.
These are all problems that can negatively affect a project and lead to more expenses in order to remedy them. It is also a good idea to involve any regulatory agencies, such as the building inspector, early on in the planning process. The inspector will greatly appreciate being in the loop so to speak. They will also be able to advise you on any code related issues early on so they do not come as a surprise towards the end of the project. In essence the inspector will become a supporter instead of a potential problem in the process.
In conclusion, by taking a proactive approach it will significantly reduce the various issues that occur during the construction process. Although it does require commitment, upfront legwork, time, and resources you will find that by following the three (3) steps as listed above your office refurbishment will go smoothly and be a huge success.
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