Let's go green, let's go Eco!

eco office notebook recycle paper

1. Make Scrap Note Books

Instead of throwing paper away, cut it in half to make it A5 and use a bulldog clip to hold ‘pads’ of paper together.

2. Turn Down Your Heating
Depending on your heating system, a change of just 1°C can reduce (on average) your annual heating bill by around 10%

3. Turn off instead of Stand-by
Turn off all office equipment when it’s not in use, instead of leaving it over night and on weekends on standby.

4. Open Windows/Use Blinds
To cool your office on hot summer days instead of relying on air-conditioning.

5. Reduce Water Usage
Installing push taps that limit water usage by around 50% and dual flush toilets (or hippo’s) in your toilet cistern to cut 3 litres on average with each flush.

6. Print Double Sidedeco office bleeding radiator
This halves your offices use of paper and in turn the cost for procurement.

7. Batteries / Print Cartridges Disposal
Have a collection point in the office where staff can drop off their own as well as the offices use of batteries and ink/print cartridges for recycled disposable.

8. Energy Supplier
Switch to a green energy supplier for your electricity, such as those who use solar panels or wind turbines.

9. Equipment
Seek out multi-purpose machines to save on buying and then running different machines that each serve a sole purpose.

10. Choose Recycled Stationery
Many supplies used by an office can be purchased from recycled materials or green suppliers, why not investigate suppliers like: http://www.thegreenoffice.co.uk/

11. Cut costs on commuting
Encourage your staff to carpool, cycle or telecommute, to cut costs on their transportation demands for fuel, time and energy.

12. Recycle everything
Paper, glass, cans, various plastics and much more can be recycled.

13. Go Paper Toweless
Use power smart hand dryers that are smart on energy and hygiene.

14. Bleed Radiators
At the start of the autumn/cool season, ensure trapped air is removed so radiators heat efficiently, saving you money on running them when they only partially warm up.

15. Open the blindselectronic blinds in eco office
Embrace natural light. In the USA 40% of electricity consumption in an office comes from office lighting. Natural light is also more in-tune with human’s we work and respond better to nature then artificial environments.

16. Green Cleaning Products
Switch your cleaning chemicals to ‘green’ environmentally friendly brands to help ease pollution with waste waters, and pollutants in the air.


Discover More

If you are looking to turn your office green, in more ways than just the internal cosmetics and office protocols, then why not talk to us? Here at Aleron we specialise in eco & smart office refurbishments and builds. It’s not just what you do on the outside, but what takes place on the inside, that can also make your office eco friendly.