Planned, reactive and quick response Property Maintenance Services

throughout the South of England and Midlands

Aleron Contractors offers full and comprehensive range of facilities management and property maintenance solutions for the commercial, education health and accommodation sectors, as well as to local authorities and housing associations.

We have a track record of property maintenance cost reduction for our clients whilst working closely with them to achieve considerable service improvements. By analysing and understanding your day-to-day business operations, we aim to adjust the way we provide our property maintenance services to fit within your business and to minimise downtime and distraction. We always deliver exceptional value for money and high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Aleron Contractors operates a simple management structure with the capability of making decisions quickly hence responding to client requests without delay and without compromise to contractual and industry standards.

Latest Cloud-based IT technology

Aleron Contractors uses the latest IT technology to deliver outstanding property maintenance service.

We have invested into a cloud-based resource management systems that make sure we are able to deliver property management services on strict contractual SLAs. We replaced expensive and inefficient paper forms with applications on maintenance teams’ smartphones. We also offer an integration of our resource management systems with the clients’ IT backend systems and processes so they can place maintenance instructions and track a progress of tasks in real time. Understanding technology and how it can benefit our customer’s business is one of the strongest sides of our property maintenance delivery process.

At Aleron Contractors we offer two types of maintenance: planned maintenance and reactive maintenance.

Planned Building and Property Maintenance

We believe that the most cost effective way to avoid problems is to undertake a programme of planned property maintenance. Planned maintenance is effective in reducing any disruption and makes budget planning more efficient. 

We employ only multi-skilled tradesmen that are trained and tooled-up to deal with a range of electrical, incidental plumbing, plastering, decorating, carpentry, flooring and drainage tasks.

Reactive Maintenance

Aleron Contractors provides a rapid response maintenance teams for our clients 24/7. We offer contractually committed response times ranging from 2 hours to 24 hours depending on your requirements and urgency. Our dedicated Contracts Managers work with the customer and are on hand to deal with client specific requirements on maintenance. We operate a small fleet of GPS tracked vehicles and able to provide our clients with real-time updates on progress.