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Roadworks & S278 Works Contractors

ALERON is an experienced and accredited Roadworks & S278 Works Contractor.

  • New or changed access into a development site (i.e. a bell mouth, roundabout, signalised junction, right turn lane or a simple priority junction)
  • New or alteration of signalised crossings or junctions close to a development site
  • New or Remodelled Highway Construction
  • Junction Modifications & Roadworks
  • Roundabout Construction & Enhancement Schemes
  • Cycleway & Footpath Construction
  • Traffic Calming Measures
  • Hard & Soft Landscaping
  • Embankment Stabilization
  • Street Lighting & Signage

Soft Strip

Aleron Contractors has a wealth of experience undertaking soft strip works within sensitive and live environments, in and out of hours, 7 days a week where consideration to the client and public are of utmost importance and noise, dust and disruption must be kept to a minimum whilst high levels of health and safety are exercised, documented and maintained.

  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Temporary floors and ceilings
  • Floor coverings
  • Non-load bearing partitions
  • Mechanical and Electrical systems (M&E)
  • Disconnection of utilities


Aleron Contractors is vastly proficient in undertaking demolition projects ranging from small houses to multi-storey structures.

  • Size and position of the building
  • Surrounding area 
  • Structural survey
  • Traffic management
  • Asbestos and contamination surveys
  • Dust suppression
  • Noise and vibration 
  • Disconnection/Isolation of utilities
  • Site/Client/Environmental constraints
  • Waste management plan

BWIC – ‘Builder’s Work In Connection’

Aleron Contractors have successfully delivered multimillion-pound BWIC projects over the last decade for several large national companies and have achieved preferred status with Tier 1 main contracts.

  • Forming Apertures in Walls, Floors and Ceilings 
  • Concrete Core Drilling and Cutting
  • Wall and Floor Chasing
  • Construction/Plant Plinths
  • Structural and Non-Structural Openings
  • Structural and Non-Structural Concrete Works 
  • Construction of Walls (Load Bearing and Non-Load Bearing) 
  • Concrete Bursting
  • Lifts Shafts


Aleron Contractors has extensive experience in undertaking groundworks for both commercial and residential developments from paving to foundations.

  • Foundations 
  • Block and beam floors
  • Waterproof concrete
  • Sand and cement floor screeding
  • Brick/Blockwork to Damp Proof Course (DPC) 
  • Concrete flooring
  • Enabling works
  • Reinforced Concrete (RC) works
  • Underground drainage and soakaways 
  • External works
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Bulk excavation
  • Underpinning and gabion walls
  • Earth retention systems

Enabling Works

Aleron Contractors has a wealth of experience in undertaking a host of enabling works for several large national companies and have achieved preferred status which is a testament to the quality and reliability of our work.

  • Demolition

  • Site clearance

  • Tree protection

  • Diversion and disconnection of services

  • Ground investigation

  • Decontamination

  • Ground improvement and compaction

  • Excavation of below-ground obstructions

  • Survey work

  • Creating access routes

  • Perimeter fencing and security provisions

  • Work to neighbouring buildings

Civil Engineering and Drainage

Within our civil engineering packages, we have undertaken construction and alterations to highways, utility connections both on-site and within the public carriageway, temporary ductwork, underground drainage, above ground drainage, form work, footpaths and boundaries.

  • Temporary ductwork
  • Utility connections on-site and on the public carriageway
  • Construction and maintenance of highways and roads
  • Underground drainage
  • Above ground drainage
  • Form work

Concrete Core Drilling and Cutting

Our multi-skilled team provide a variety of concrete cutting and coring to both structural and non-structural elements. Our core drilling ranges from holes as small as 15-25mm all the way up to 450mm.

  • Forming opening in horizontal slabs
  • Forming and removing openings in pre-cast vertical walls

Latest Projects

Milton Keynes Hindu Association

Milton Keynes Hindu Association

  • New build
  • Site set-up and clearance
  • Underground drainage
  • Specialist ground engineering and foundations



  • Site Set-Up and Construction of Hoardings
  • Installation of Welfare and Provision of Temporary Services
  • Site Clearance 


Co-op Local Store

Co-op Local Store


  • Cutting concrete and installation of underfloor drainage 
  • Construction of mezzanine floors
  • Structural alterations